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Artworks emerging during Lockdown

During this lockdown, life has changed in many ways for most of us. Initially, I found it hard to respond artistally to the situation, and spent over a month just working in the garden unable to paint. Then, to my good fortune i was invited to join an online group of visionary artists in a 24 24 hour non stop painting jam called the Vision Train. This had been set up bu Amanda Sage and others. Soon, I was making art again. A strong image of Kali came through and this set the creative juices going..

I took part in a Mushroom focused art challenge where the vision train artists all created mushroom based paintings. This was super exciting as I would never have considered mushrooms as a theme. Here is the piece I created ..

At the same time as working on this, i began an homage to one of my favorite artists, Yvonne McGillvery. This portrait also included interpretations of some of the imagery found in her work. It had been inspired by a series of photos she had shared dressed in unusual items. The magnifying glass really caught my eye, and from that image everything else emerged.

Its nearly the summer solstice now and the lockdown is easing in England, but where i am in wales we are still very restricted. These times have been extraordinary in so many ways. I am involved in a variety of Zoom based events now and it looks like these kinds of events are likely to become more normal in the future. As I look to the future I am keeping an open mind and a willingness to listen more deeply to what is alive and emerging inside of me. So I wish you and your families all well wherever you are and may the coming months bring good things to you all.

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