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Clive Hedger - Artist Statement

Adopted by bees, the wild places and the secret depths of the heart, my paintings reveal the forgotten language of remembering. Combining the traditional oil painting methods with modern visionary imagery, my work speaks in the old language, woven with the sacred threads and heralding a renewed connection to the living earth. As a deep prayer and with great reverence for the sacred spark carried throughout time, the mysteries are rendered as always, hidden, but in plain view. Invoking connection to the plants, the animals and all that is seen and unseen.

It is my wish to dedicate my art as a guide map for the symbolic landscapes

To inspire, transform and reveal the alchemic, shamanic and sacred within all people.


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Born in London, UK, in 1961. My early artistic inspirations were my grandparents who both painted with oils and took me to galleries in London and show me the work of the Old Masters. From early age, I adopted a spiritual path studying mediation, dance and distilling the essense of mystic traditions from many paths. I taught religious education in schools.
In 2008, I underwent a shamanic awakening, and began to paint the visionary world I had entered. I would describes my art as inspired by dreams, spirit encounters, inner journeys, the dance between masculine and feminine, the mystery of the heart and through deep connection to the land, the animals and plants.
It is my wish that my art be an offering of positive change in the world. A remembering of the sacred in everything and an opening to the mystery and beauty of life.
I am currently living in remote Mid Wales UK hosting a retreat centre with a focus on permaculture, arts, music, community, self development and spiritual practice.

My Life

When I was a child, I dreamt of being an artist but it was only later that this would become a reality.

For many years while my children were growing up I worked in a health food restaurant in Brighton.  In my 30's I got an education and at Sussex university I graduated with a Ba in Social Anthropology.

I went on to get a PGCE with QTS in Religious Education and I worked in schools as a RE teacher for a while.

A big achievement for me was setting up and co-running for 7 years the 'Brighton Wave' from 1990 - 97 which was the largest 5 Rhythms Dance group in the world offering the dance work of Gabrielle Roth. I have taught dance regularly throughout my life and have intend to continue as I get older.

I am also known as a DJ since the 1990’s and recordings/mixes can be found here

For the majority of my life I was self employed in the building trade prior to me discovering I was an artist around 2010

I am now currently living in wales where I am setting up a retreat based upon permaculture principles, and offering courses in yoga, health, creativity and well being. Most of my time is spent either in the studio or the garden or with family and friends. I am community minded and believe that humans gain so much from sharing skills and inspiration.

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